Friday, March 11, 2016

Art Class in Session. Nude Model. Please Knock.

Oh, what news we have!
Atelier Denu started in 2010 as a life drawing workshop run out of the University of Ottawa, with the lofty goal to train its members in life drawing and other figurative art, to train its members in storyboarding and other sequential art, to develop professional competencies for models, to organise illustrators and models in solidarity, to promote figurative and sequential art to a broad public, to work with other progressive organisations to achieve social justice, and to host special events on- and off-campus.
Sculpture: Jorge Marin
The workshop expanded to offer programming at the Sandy Hill Community Centre and at l’Université du Québec en Outaouais, at the uOttawa GSAÉD Grad House, and in salon-format activities run out of members’ homes.
This summer, Atelier Denu is producing a play for the Ottawa Fringe Festival. The working title is “Art Class in Session. Nude Model. Please Knock.” As we learned today, the show will run from Friday, June 17 to Sunday, June 26 at the Studio Léonard-Beaulne at the University of Ottawa.
We are excited for this new chapter in our artistic development and will keep you abreast of news and special events in this regard.