Saturday, October 31, 2020

Ten-year anniversary & online transition celebration

October 2020 marked ten years that Atelier Denu had been running life drawing workshops. We celebrated with a month of planned activities. Given the state of the pandemic and change of season, this month also marked a transition into a largely online format.

We continued with the outdoor Saturday short-pose and Sunday afternoon long-pose sessions that we started in July, so long as the weather agreed with us.

However, on alternating weekdays, Monday to Friday, we proposed the following free online activities to keep our community connected and provide thoughtful challenges:

Monday, October 5 and 19, 19h00-20h30: Model mixer

A social meeting for models and prospective models to actually meet one another, discuss opportunities, and share adaptive strategies.

Tuesday, October 13 and 27, 19h00-20h30: Tableau vivant

We look at and discuss a historical artwork. A model poses in several positions that correspond with those in the piece. Participants draw and can share our work.

2020.10.13 Camie
2020.10.27 Koston

Wednesday, October 7 and 21, 19h00-20h30: Filling the space

We consider the elements that fill the pictorial space, whether in the foreground or background, or as objects interacting with a subject. We discuss a process for filling in existing life drawing pages. Participants are invited to bring examples already done or in progress.

Thursday, October 15, and 29: Drawing each other

18h30-19h30: Portrait Hour

By video call, participants share screen time and draw each others' faces. If we are few, we all take a turn. If we are many, a few subjects will be chosen randomly.

20h00-21h30: Artist as Subject

By video call, and with a great regard for privacy, participants share screen time and draw each others' bodies. We all take a turn; this event is intended for the courageous.

Friday, October 9 and 23, 19h00-20h30: Self-Portraiture

We look at and discuss a couple of self-portraits made by artists historical and contemporary. We discuss strategies and processes for making our own self portraits. Participants are invited to bring self-portraits already done or in progress, for discussion.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Atelier Ottawa

Atelier Ottawa: short- and long-pose life drawing workshops held outdoors

Saturdays* from 13:30 to 15:45, July 18 to October 31
Sundays* from 13:30 to 15:45, July 26 to October 25
Held near to the Supreme Court of Canada.
The short-pose workshops, held Saturdays, feature poses ranging from one minute to 15 minutes. The long-pose workshops, held Saturdays, feature one two-hour pose divided into four 30-minute intervals and five-minute breaks between each of these.

Artists and non-artists of all levels are welcome. Bring your own materials. Preregistration ensures an event of adequate distance between participants, as well as alerts in the case of cancellation.
*Subject to the weather, the temperature, and the state of the pandemic.
**Accessibility note: there are 25 stairs to navigate.

Atelier Ottawa : ateliers d’après modèle vivant de poses courtes et poses longues ayant lieu dehors

Les samedis* de 13h30 à 15h45, du 18 juillet au 31 octobre
Les dimanches* de 13h30 à 15h45, du 26 juillet au 25 octobre

Tenus près de la Cour suprème du Canada.

Les ateliers de poses courtes, tenus les samedis comprennent des poses allant d'une à 15 minutes. Les ateliers de poses courtes, tenus les dimanches, comprennent une pose de deux heures, divisée en quatres intervales de 30 minutes et des pauses de cinq minutes entres celles-ci.

Les artistes et non-artistes de tous les niveaux sont les bienvenu.e.s. Apportez vos propres matériaux. La pre-inscription assure une distanciation adéquate entre les participants ainsi que des alertes en cas d'annulation.

*Sous reserve de la météo, la température et l'état de la pandémie.
**Note sur l'accessibilité: On accède à l'activité par 25 marches.


18 Jorge
19 --cancelled--
25 Alyssa
26 Curtis

01 Shawn/Morgan
02 --cancelled--
08 Beau
09 Erin
15 Camille
16 Roxanne
22 Shayda
23 David
29 --cancelled--
30 Kelsea

05 Peter/Shawn
06 Katrina
12 Lainie
13 --cancelled--
19 Emmanuelle
20 Stefan
26 Thomas
27 Arielle

03 Emma
04 Chelsea
10 --cancelled--
11 --cancelled--
17 Sophie
18 Marta
24 --cancelled--
25 --cancelled--
31 --cancelled--

07 Ashelita
08 John